Benefits for your company

So, you think the security system in your company is all you need? Sorry, but you couldn’t be more wrong! A comprehensive monitoring system is just as essential for your infrastructure as cctv at a gated community is.


Meeting standards and policies

Inspecting network hardware in terms of compliance with security standards and policies.

Defining actions for devices which fall short.

Built-in policies enable you to create reports from the very first day of installing the monitoring system.


Repairing security gaps

Detecting potential security gaps within network hardware.

Integration with state NIST organisation, and automatic updating for newly detected security threats.

The monitoring system independently repairs potential gaps in the security grid.


SLA reports

Study of the guaranteed availability of services in relation to the defined SLA time thresholds in weekly, monthly and annual perspectives.

Visualisation of SLA statistics is presented using a table, a bar chart, a dial chart, a pie chart, and a line chart to ensure easy reading.


Environment visualisation

Extensive maps of network topology presenting the availability and performances statuses of all IT environment layers, including the network, apps, virtualisation, databases, and matrices.

Special NOC views visualising the entire infrastructure on large monitors or TVs.

Solutions for any network and budget!

We offer solutions specific for all possible company sizes and structures. You will find products for the environments in various locations, both spread over several continents as well as in a single location. We handle all deployment types: local, hybrid, and cloud-based. Solutions you can match to any budget.


Benefits for your company

Save time

In 10 seconds, you can learn whether the problem lies with the app, the database or the network! Stop wasting time bouncing between teams and identify the problem indicated by the system on your own.

Lower costs

The monitoring system ensures smart allocation of costly hardware resources. It can suggest lowering or increasing CPU power or memory without interfering with end application functions. Thanks to a special function “employee actions simulation”, you can precisely verify the quality of operation of a service, e.g. Office 365, Exchange, Salesforce, SQL, Oracle.

How can you become our client?


Consult the expert

Our engineer will clear all your doubts and answer even the most complex technical questions.


Live Demo

We will show you the actual system in action. You will see how it behaves in a live environment.


Business meeting

Then we have a business meeting to analyze business benefits.


Development – engineering hours

At the end we make Proof of Concept, we prepare cost estimates and we also compare other solutions.



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Guide for your boss

You know all too well that a network monitoring and management system is a must-have in the company where you work. Unfortunately, your boss does not share your view. You’ve run out of ideas how to fix this pickle? Present iron-clad arguments and prove just how important monitoring is for the network infrastructure.

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