I want to start monitoring my network

There is a service failure and you don’t know what the problem is? You’re not on top of your device configurations? You wish to get rid of Excel and automatically create IP address and computer inventories? Detect app performance problems and check correlations with your database, matrix, virtualisation or network.



Defining client needs based on a detailed technical interview, including infrastructure specification, and the type of services provided.



Precise environment analysis including all layers using the network, apps, virtualisations, matrices, and databases to select the appropriate solution.



Interactive product presentation conducted on an extensive live environment, where you can observe system behaviour in client-defined scenarios.



– Set up of test system based on specific requirements and client requests.
– Meeting client requirements visualised prior to purchase.

Benefits for your company


Definition of needs

It’s a must – we start by establishing what your biggest problem is with managing the IT system in your company.


Consult the expert

Our engineer will clear all your doubts and answer even the most complex technical questions.


Choose a solution – Live Demo

We will show you the actual system in action. You will see how it behaves in a live environment.


We will test the solution: a simulation or POC

At our laboratories, we offer you access to any system and through interactive simulations you can independently verify all the functions you seek. You prefer to analyse it in detail? Reserve some time for transferring the simulation to your environment – POC.


Technical support

Now you know which solution is best for you. All you need to do now is contact us!

Solutions for any network and budget!

We offer solutions specific for all possible company sizes and structures. You will find products for the environments in various locations, both spread over several continents as well as in a single location. We handle all deployment types: local, hybrid, and cloud-based. Solutions you can match to any budget.


Guide for your boss

You know all too well that a network monitoring and management system is a must-have in the company where you work. Unfortunately, your boss does not share your view. You’ve run out of ideas how to fix this pickle? Present iron-clad arguments and prove just how important monitoring is for the network infrastructure.

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